My Designs

As a freelance surface pattern designer, I sell and license my patterns for print, textile and other surface products.

I have fabric collections licensed to Kennard & Kennard and you can have a funky lampshade made up in some of my fabric from the girls at Lightenuphandmade.

I welcome your enquiries for freelance, licensing and commissioned work.

Shop my designs

Some of my designs can be found at a few Print on Demand (POD) marketplaces in the links below.

I hold back many of my designs for licensing and collaborations purposes, so not all my designs are found in my POD stores.

Red Bubble Store That's Graphic Design
My zazzle storeMy threadless store
modern fabric design spoonflowerModern designs for home furnishings

Work with me

I’d love to hear from you if you would like to collaborate on a project or license me for some patterns. Contact me at

What is ‘Print in Demand’?

It basically means that the product you buy, is printed just for you as soon as you place the order.

How does it work….the process as a designer

I create my designs usually into a ‘repeat pattern’, I upload my prepared artwork/design into my store on the POD site, I place and set the design how I want it on the products I choose, add the title, description and tags for each product type, set my royalty price and put it up for sale on the POD’s marketplace. To assist with sales it’s up to the designer to promote their products so they get seen.