New pattern design and how it came to be

I’m going to take you through the design process using a few screenshots of how my latest design was born. Sometimes when I sit down to design a pattern, I will usually have been inspired by something I’ve seen whether it be a colour combination, shape or something else.

This time, my new design started it’s life on a drawing app! I was playing around with making shapes on an app called ‘drawerings’…very addictive when you are sitting on your ipad.

Here is a screenshot of a random design I created, not the one I used for my final design.

I created many designs, then saved them to dropbox and imported them into my design program.

From there I was able to trace them, so I had a vectorised object to play with. This is where the fun starts!!

Design process for pattern

After much experimenting, I come up with a couple of patterns that I really like, so I start adding colour to the separate objects.

You will see from the below image, that I started deleting elements out of the design until I was left with the bottom 2 shapes.

From those 2 shapes, I started to build a repeat pattern. This took quite a bit of playing around until I finally got it to a stage where I was happy.

I then exported out that design, and loaded it into my zazzle store, where I placed it on many products, ready for purchasing in the marketplace.

And moving on from the design process… are some of the finished products with my design.

Vintage Flower Garden pattern on productsYou can see the whole collection at my store … here.

I hope you enjoyed that walk through of that particular design and how it came to be!


Process for designing a pattern

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