Eucalyptus Flower Pattern Design

I’ve been enjoying drawing with my stylus of late and then bringing my sketches into my graphic design program. From there I vectorise the sketches, clean them up and then build on to them to create patterns. It’s a fun process and one I’m sure that will develop the more I experiment. Here was the […]

Surface Pattern Design

Australian surface pattern designer

I had good intentions of updating this blog regularly, but as I’ve been so immersed in creating surface pattern designs along with my normal design projects, I’ve found that my blog has been neglected. BUT, I do update regularly to Instagram and am using that as my blogging tool. I also share my Instagram posts […]

Blue and White Quilt Covers

Blue and White doona covers

Firstly, Happy Easter to everyone. We are spending Easter around home this year and have a few family members coming to visit and stay tomorrow night, so that will be fun. We will crank up the WeberQ and sit back and chill with a few wines. When I first started out on my Surface Pattern […]

Lazy Daisy Denim Days

Faded denim cute flowers pattern

A new pattern has been born! I awoke with a few thoughts on my mind a couple of weeks ago, and this is what they were…. and so that is what I started working on. I really liked the little flowers I created in my last ‘Vintage Flower Garden‘ design as shown below. So, I […]

Free Inspirational Social Square for you

Inspirationa Social Square

A free inspirational Social Square for you! I love it when I wake up in the morning and there is a whole blog post idea or design concept in my head! That happens to me often, as I always have so many design projects on the go at any one time with my business. Today, […]


Custom beach towels for gift giving

add a name to beach towel

Now that I’m designing patterns that I can transfer onto products, my family have been receiving personalised gifts from something I have designed! One of my patterns last year was ‘Whimsical Flowers’, which I made available in 6 colourways. This is a very feminine, floaty, whimsical flower pattern, ideal for girls of all ages. As […]

Easy Pizza Base

Pizza base with just 2 ingredients

This easy pizza base uses just two ingredients….yes that’s right! I was a bit sceptical when I first heard about it, but it is my go-to pizza base now as it is super easy. I used to use pre-made bases which are made by a local company, and I still do keep one of those […]

New pattern design and how it came to be

I’m going to take you through the design process using a few screenshots of how my latest design was born. Sometimes when I sit down to design a pattern, I will usually have been inspired by something I’ve seen whether it be a colour combination, shape or something else. This time, my new design started […]


Packaging idea for bake sale

Cup Cake Presentation

Last year a friend was organising a fundraiser for her daughter by holding a ‘street stall’ or ‘bake sale’. I said I would provide some baked goods, so planned to bake some banana muffins. As the day of the sale drew nearer I had an idea of how I could present them so they looked […]

Modern throw blanket design

Modern Throw Blanket so warm and cosy

It’s been a while in the making, but this is the first post on my new blog/website. Since the beginning of 2017, I started dabbling in surface pattern design (creating digital patterns for adding onto products eg homewares, blankets, apparel, fabrics, accessories etc). I opened my first store and loaded my initial designs onto Spoonflower […]