A little about me

Thanks for taking the time to find a bit more about who is behind the designs on this site.

I’m Annette from Australia and live in a vibrant rural town called Loxton in South Australia. I am married to Paul and we are blessed with an awesome family of 2 sons, 2 daughter-in-laws and 5 grand children.

For the past 20 years I’ve had my own business as a  graphic and website designer (www.thatsgraphic.com.au) and in the past couple of years I’ve been transitioning into Surface Pattern Design. This led to the creation of this website you are now on, which I’ve branded as That’s Graphic Design which is an extension of my original business That’s Graphic.

I’ve always loved meandering in fabric and homeware stores, looking at all the wonderful designs, and thinking, I’d love to design patterns for cushions, bags, fabrics etc. That desire continued to grow and I’m now enjoying seeing that come into fruition.

I commence all my patterns with hand drawing motifs and elements on my Surface Pro and then vectorise them on my computer and create the patterns.

I opened my Instagram account when I first started on my Surface Pattern journey, so it’s a history and a good resource for me to look back on and see how my style is developing. View my Instagram here.

I love working with clients and other businesses and have good communication and people skills. I’m quite a perfectionist when it comes to projects. Rough enough isn’t good enough, I like to go the extra mile to make sure things are just right.


I welcome any enquiries in regards to collaboration or licensing of my patterns. I have many patterns available for viewing on request. Please contact me at mail@thatsgraphic.com.au

My creative history (briefly!)

Since a very young age, I’ve always had a desire to create or design things. I would have a go at all sorts of crafts and sewed many of our boys clothes when they were young. I was proudly a stay at home Mum and at one stage, I painted folk art onto wooden items and would sell them in a local craft shop (door stops, scissor holders, door signs…you remember those days!!).

My Mum and Dad were both creative. Mum was a wonderful sewer and could put her hand to all sorts of crafts. Dad enjoyed woodworking and in his retirement years he created some beautiful giftware on his lathe and sold pieces to gift shops when they went caravanning around the country!  I remember going shopping with Mum to choose dress patterns, fabrics and embellishments. Looking back on photos, the fabric she chose for our dresses or pant suits were either bold, funky, geometric shapes or pretty, feminine and floral prints which funnily enough is what my style of designs tend to be.

In my final year at high school, I put together our class magazine, physically cutting and pasting images and also did that for church newsletters later down the track. However that did change when computers came on the scene. They were a real game changer and I remember buying our first computer in around 1994, and realised that I no longer had to physically cut and paste images to create publications.

My business started soon after that computer purchase, and I commenced creating logo designs and letterheads, using one of the first desktop publishing programs. From there I grew with the times, taking on other graphic design projects and website design. I learnt as I went along from real life experience and still do today. It’s been interesting looking back and realising how much the industry has changed over the years as technology has developed.

Previous to children, I worked as a receptionist and accounts clerk, I also worked part-time at our local newspaper.

I hope you enjoy the designs I am creating, there are many more in the pipeline!

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