Custom beach towels for gift giving

add a name to beach towel

Now that I’m designing patterns that I can transfer onto products, my family have been receiving personalised gifts from something I have designed!

One of my patterns last year was ‘Whimsical Flowers’, which I made available in 6 colourways. This is a very feminine, floaty, whimsical flower pattern, ideal for girls of all ages.

As part of their Christmas present for my 2 daughter-in-laws and grand-daughter, I ordered 3 of the beach towels in 3 different colours with their names on them.

I did a sneakly little photo shoot on the back lawn when I received them, before I wrapped them up!

personalised beach towel

whimsical beach towels

As you can see the towels are a great size. The dimensions are 70″ x 35″. The front is a polyester blend, and the back is 100% cotton.

We were down the beach last weekend and Telesha’s towel got an initiation on the sand with little Alfie.

custom designed beach towel

If you look back at my first post here http://www.thatsgraphic.design/modern-throw-blanket-design/ you will see Alfie again when he was a new born on one of my blankets….he has grown some!!! Don’t you love those chubby little legs and arms ๐Ÿ™‚

Here are the other colours available in the same pattern.

personalise your beach towel

You can view my other Towel designs HERE

There are so many great towels created by talented zazzle designers. I curate a Pinterest board where I hand pick towels that I think are really well designed and that I like myself. Here is the board that I’m continually adding to

Awesome Beach Towels


Thanks for visiting my blog. Make sure you check out my ‘Freebies‘ page, which I will keep adding to.

Enjoy your weekend.




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