Modern throw blanket design

Modern Throw Blanket so warm and cosy

It’s been a while in the making, but this is the first post on my new blog/website.

Since the beginning of 2017, I started dabbling in surface pattern design (creating digital patterns for adding onto products eg homewares, blankets, apparel, fabrics, accessories etc). I opened my first store and loaded my initial designs onto Spoonflower and then opened a Zazzle Store where I have concentrated most of my designs, due to the large variety of products available. The uniqueness of being able to customize many items with your initials and names is a big drawcard to zazzle.

Anyway, with that brief introduction done and dusted, I look forward to sharing with you my designs, progress shots, tips, recipes, home decorating, craft, gardening and a touch of family life as well.

In November our fourth grandchild, Alfie was born. Each time a grandchild has been born, I’ve sewed a quilt for them, but this time I broke a little with tradition. Instead of sewing a quilt (that was sooo 2016!!), I digitally designed a pattern and loaded it onto a zazzle blanket and then purchased it!

Here is a snapshot of the pattern in my design program (CorelDraw).

And here is a product photo from zazzle

The image above is of a ‘sherpa blanket’. The one I purchased and in the photos below are the fleece blanket.

I took some photos of the blanket when I received it and realised I had bought the large size which fits nicely onto a single bed, so wasn’t really a baby blanket, but anyway Alfie will enjoy it for years to come!!!

And here is Alfie, fast asleep on his new blanket which is sooooo soft.

I was extremely pleased with the quality and the colour, it was just as I had designed it. This has been the case for all my products I’ve purchased so far. Zazzle is based in California and the products are printed by USA makers, so there is a bit of a wait on delivery if you are International customer like me. An average wait time on standard delivery to Australia is about 6 weeks, so plan ahead if you want to order for gifts.

I have made the blanket in a few different colorways and they are available for sale now.

You can view the blankets from my Blanket Collections page here.

A modern fleece blanket in a geometric pattern in blue, white and beige. Available in other colors.

Modern soft, warm, cosy fleece blanket

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