Packaging idea for bake sale

Cup Cake Presentation

Last year a friend was organising a fundraiser for her daughter by holding a ‘street stall’ or ‘bake sale’.
I said I would provide some baked goods, so planned to bake some banana muffins.
As the day of the sale drew nearer I had an idea of how I could present them so they looked appealing on the table.

The street stall muffins presentation idea

I had just finished a new pattern for my store so I played with it in my design program and placed it so that it covered an A4 page and then printed a few out. This was to be the covering of the paper plate that the muffins would sit on.

I then also needed a strip to go over the top of the muffins with the ingredient list. So I formatted a strip also using the same design with a transparent overlay where the ingredients were typed.

Street Stall muffin presentation

I then guilotined the strips and white off from around the A4 sheets. All was ready to compile onto the paper plates.

Bake sale or street stall presentation ideas for cakes and biscuits

The small paper plate fits nicely with enough room to cut around the edges to paste down.


Ideas for presenting cakes or biscuits on a street stall or bake sale

Fundraising ideas for displaying cakes and biscuits

The bases are done.

Display cakes and biscuits for fundraising street stall or bake sales

Here is the finished products, with cling wrap placed over and secured down with tape and then the strip with the information over the top gets secured down with tape as well. All set to go!

Presenting cakes and biscuits for fundraising stalls

Freebies for you!

If you would like to do this too, I’ve provided a file that you can download and print off the A4 pattern sheet and the Ingredients strip.

Banana Muffins Recipe

Head over to my ‘Freebies‘ page and you will find the recipe sheet for those.

Tribal Diamond Gems Design

If you really like that design, it is available for purchase on quite a few products in my zazzle store. A couple of different colorways are available too.

Funky tribal pattern in aqua and black

Packaging ideas for bake sale or street stall
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  1. Jo
    Jo says:

    Love your new website and that’s a great idea for bake sale goods Netty. Also love the vintage flower garden design might have to look at making a couple of purchases I think 🙂

  2. Wendy
    Wendy says:

    Well done, that looks great and much nicer than a foam tray. Love that we can print them too, I just need to do some cooking!!!


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